IDL offers flexible solutions for all your internal and external reporting needs.

Make your reporting processes more flexible and efficient with solutions from IDL. Use proven capabilities to drive business processes through a modern, mobile way of working. Combine various data sources into a consistent, valid pool of information. Process data intuitively, and share information and insights automatically through various environments and media. 

Reporting powered by the IDL CPM Suite

The IDL CPM Suite offers various software and modules to support a wide range of reporting requirements. You can use them separately or combine them to create tailored, extensible solutions that flexibly adapt to your current and future requirements.

Use the IDL reporting platform with IDL.DESIGNER to share reports, dashboards and ad hoc analyses, comply with external reporting requirements, and implement self-service and mobile solutions.      

  • Dashboards and management reports
  • Forecast and liquidity reports 
  • Department reports
  • Financial reports
  • Auditable financial statements and annual reports  
  • Notes XBRL filings  

IDL.DESIGNER is a modern tool that makes designing highly intuitive reports and forms simple. Choose from a wide range of layout objects, including tables, charts, text objects for headings and text, links and images. Arrange them as you wish to rebuild an existing design or create custom layouts.

Simply drag and drop any supported OLAP objects to select or arrange data. Calculate variances, variances as a percentage, sums and quotients. Prioritize the calculation steps across all sections of the table. You can also design custom filters to create a guided navigation through the data.

Want to reuse existing report content in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint? Extend your reporting system with the Office add-in IDL.OFFICE LINK to embed current, accurate, validated data into word processing documents, spreadsheets or presentation slides.

For official reporting requirements use in combination with IDL.KONSIS for financial consolidation the modules IDL.PUBLISHER for anual reports and IDL.EBILANZ for automated XBRL filings.


With IDL.DESIGNER as a central component of the IDL reporting platform, you can create ad hoc and standard Web reports and dashboards using drag-and-drop features. Administer and manage your reporting projects from financial reporting and BI solutions to annual reports and even E-Bilanz filings. Individual recipients can access all authorized reports with a mouse click from the report catalog. Modern Office apps like IDL.OFFICELINK build a bridge to Microsoft Office.

  • Web and ad hoc reports
  • Individual designed reporting
  • Data collecting and visualization
  • On-prem and cloud deployments

Report catalog

Thumbnail navigation

Print and PDF export


In combination with the IDL reporting platform, IDL.OFFICELINK provides a fast, easy way to create documents and presentations using the data from existing reports. Since the add-in has a deep integration in Microsoft Office programs, you can work in familiar Office environments and smoothly switch back and forth between the two system environments.

  • Modern Office add-in
  • Flexible reuse of report data and objects
  • Continual updates
  • Enforcement of all IDL permissions

Utilizing IDL report content in Word

Utilizing IDL report content in Excel

Checking currency of report data


Use IDL.PUBLISHER to generate clear annual, quarterly and other external business reports as well as the corresponding management summaries for individual companies or your entire group. Design your text and reports the way you wish and work with the same data and structures from your IDL planning and consolidation tools. Through the integration in the IDL reporting platform, you can administer your projects centrally in a collaborative work environment.

  • Annual/quarterly reports and text reporting
  • Individual design
  • Dynamic reports updates
  • Various output formats

Annual report text design

Easy-to-build reports

Annual report chart design


With the IDL.EBILANZ software module, you can create a rule-consistent e-balance according to the XBRL taxonomy valid for the notification period and transmit this to the tax office at the touch of a button. The tool takes on structures and data from different systems and simultaneously allows for manual entry of additional data. Form templates are provided for quick access.

  • Importing of balance lists and charts of accounts
  • Support for all industry taxonomies of HGB taxonomy
  • Wizard for plausibility checks and data transfer
  • SAP balance sheet structure import

Account assignment to the taxonomy structure

Form editor with information concerning the company

Report example with proof by positions and account balances

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