IDL integrates planners on all levels through a single system using an integrated pool of data.

With IDL you reduce complexity, flexibly cope with the dynamics of planning, and guarantee reliability and transparency.

  • Support the entire planning process, from strategy to operations and finance, in individual companies or the entire group.
  • Manage and monitor the planning process with workflow and status monitors
  • Conduct granular planning for individual customers or articles as well as complex sales channels and chains.    
  • Calculate units sold, revenues, gross margin, expenditures, currencies, transfer prices, liquidity, P&L, balance sheets – all from a single data pool.   
  • Integrate and monitor all planning tasks in an integrated system.

With IDL, you can start off small with a specific requirement for planning and simply extend the size and scope of your solution to meet your changing needs. You get the support you need from a solution partner that truly understands your business and technology requirements.  

Planning powered by the IDL CPM Suite

The IDL CPM Suite offers various software and modules to support a wide range of planning requirements. You can use them separately or combine them to create tailored, extensible solutions that flexibly adapt to your current and future requirements.

Combine IDL.FORECAST, IDL.DESIGNER and IDL.COCKPIT to address your complete operational and financial planning requirements. If you want to support budget consolidations as part of the planning process, simply add on the consolidation software IDL.KONSIS.    


IDL.FORECAST supports financial planning process across the different companies in your group with capabilities for running different scenarios. Use or customize the predefined business rules to efficiently set up a financial budget that covers profit and loss, the balance sheet, cash flow and flows of liquidity. A monitor provides an overview of the current planning status.

  • Financial planning
  • Easy to customize and extend
  • Integrated workflow support
  • Library of financial rules

Planning monitor

Planning scenario

Definition of sales volume


With IDL.DESIGNER as a central component of the IDL reporting platform, you can create ad hoc and standard Web reports and dashboards using drag-and-drop features. Administer and manage your reporting projects from financial reporting and BI solutions to annual reports and even E-Bilanz filings. Individual recipients can access all authorized reports with a mouse click from the report catalog. Modern Office apps like IDL.OFFICELINK build a bridge to Microsoft Office.

  • Web and ad hoc reports
  • Individual designed reporting
  • Data collecting and visualization
  • On-prem and cloud deployments

Report catalog

Thumbnail navigation

Print and PDF export


IDL.COCKPIT is a specialized front-end tool that adapts to your needs with support for building operational planning solutions within business departments and specific analysis requirements. With the iOS app IDL.COCKPIT.MOBILE, you can access the data and analyses you need as well as create new planning scenarios on the go.

  • Operational planning
  • Easy access to relevant KPIs
  • Self-service access to detailed analyses
  • Support for mobile data collection

ABC analysis

Waterfall chart

Sharing additional functions


IDL.KONSIS supports the process of creating group financial statements based on different accounting standards. The software meticulously follows the typical consolidation workflow, offers automated functions for consolidating actual and plan data, and supports simulations and consolidations on plan data. Set the level of automation individually and use the built-in monitors to keep track of your data, open tasks and progress. Detailed posting lists help ensure audit compliance by providing the transparency that today’s auditors demand.

  • Financial and management consolidation
  • Audit security
  • Integrated accounting standards
  • High level of automation

Company financial statement monitor

Group companies monitor

Standard report

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