Case Studies

Benefits across the board

More than 850 companies worldwide rely on CPM solutions from IDL for reporting, planning, financial consolidation and Business Intelligence. They gain transparency and efficiency through continuous data streams, automation, and access to current data and information

Consolidation in a dynamic, family-owned company

  • Consolidation of 60 companies (27 full consolidations, 12 at equity) 
  • Strong presence and expansion in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Generation of financial statements in house (instead of outsourcing)
  • Fast skill building through IDL coaching
  • Comparable KPIs through enterprise data collection and reporting in line with Austrian Cooperate Code (UGB)
  • Fulfillment of high compliance standards for risk reporting in international subsidiaries   (waste management and landfills)
  • Faster, higher-quality reporting processes  
  • Clear view of international business development

Consistent numbers for legal consolidation and management reporting 

  • IDL.KONSIS in use since 2009
  • Replacement for Excel-based consolidation at a global trading company
  • Legal consolidation and group reporting (actual and budget data)  
  • Integration of disparate data for consistent performance management insights
  • Efficient reporting and planning processes (e.g. local data entry options in the system)  
  • Management reports on budget and actual data in various levels of detail Higher-quality enterprise reporting in less time and at lower costs

Detailed daily reports for targeted actions    

  • Complete corporate performance management including branch offices, fleet, forwarding and liquidity
  • Replacement of an Excel-based system
  • Complete financial views (P&L, cash flow, liquidity and balance sheets) that integrate budget and actual data
  • Various organizational units 
  • Evaluations on driving behavior, fuel consumption, fuel tank data and route planning including tanking conditions
  • Comparison of the anticipated daily results and actuals to create liquidity forecasts 

Consistent numbers worldwide

  • Step-by-step deployment of a unified environment for consolidation, planning and reporting
  • Implementation of IDL.KONSIS followed by IDL.FORECAST and IDL.DESIGNER
  • Quarterly and monthly financial statements in line with IFRS for more than 40 companies  
  • Monthly enterprise intercompany reconciliations with a click of a button
  • Consistent enterprise actuals and budget data in line with IFRS Efficient, error-free reporting processes through automated data streams and plausibility checks High-quality reporting
  • Reliable information for investors and management

Financial planning and cost controls  

  • BI solution for planning and reporting
  • Detailed financial cost and personnel planning for eight divisions with very different business models
  • Annual budgeting, long-term planning and forecasting
  • Comprehensive standard reporting for over 100 consumers Information in various levels of detail – from group results to individual ERP postings (ABACUS)
  • Financial analytics combined with special KPIs and analyses for the hotel industry (e.g. seasonality of hotels, restaurants, thermal springs)
  • Just 2 Excel sheets for budgeting instead of 300 in the previous system

Consolidation and planning with reliable KPIS worldwide

  • Coaching and specialized software for consolidation and planning
  • Consolidated financial statements in line with German Commercial Code (HGB) 500 profit centers, 1,500 cost centers, 40 companies, balance sheet total of 300 million euros
  • Compression of SAP accounts (from 750 to 180) Delivery of Excel packages in German, English or Russian
  • Consistent, error-free data through queries and plausibility checks  
  • Transparent, current internal and external reporting 
  • Subsidiary management, sales controls, rolling balance sheet and P&L planning

Faster, simpler reporting and consolidation

  • Modern, complete reporting solution including consolidation with IDL solutions  
  • Replacement of an existing BI system for optimized data management (i.e. ETL processes) 
  • Powerful BI solution for detailed daily and monthly reporting  
  • Consolidated annual and monthly financial statements with IDL.KONSIS
  • Common pool of data for finance, group consolidation and operational controls
  • Consistent KPIs through the group  
  • More efficient reporting processes at lower costs through in-house system administration

Scalable solution for a fast-growing group   

  • Client since 2005 starting with consolidations of 60 companies (now 129) 
  • Many different data sources
  • Easy integration of new source systems or legal requirements  
  • Clear view of global business development 75% less time needed for reporting 

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