Hands-on tool for building reports, dashboards and data-entry forms

With IDL.DESIGNER, report editors can build ad hoc and standard Web reports, forms and dashboards as flexibly and easily as in PowerPoint.

This central component of the IDL reporting platform offers a modern user interface with drag-and-drop features, vast design options, integrated calculation rules and multiple filters. Editors can publish reports and data-entry screens to the report catalog, which users can access through the report viewer.

According to analysts, IDL.DESIGNER brings new momentum into the reporting market and sets the example for intuitive handling and user-friendly ad hoc reporting. (BARC BI Manager)

  • Use tables, charts and text objects for headings, texts, links, images, etc.
  • Position these objects wherever you wish
  • Apply custom or standard formatting
  • Build guided navigations with customizable filters

With IDL.DESIGNER as a central component of the IDL reporting platform, you can create ad hoc and standard Web reports and dashboards using drag-and-drop features. Administer and manage your reporting projects from financial reporting and BI solutions to annual reports and even E-Bilanz filings. Individual recipients can access all authorized reports with a mouse click from the report catalog. Modern Office apps like IDL.OFFICELINK build a bridge to Microsoft Office.

  • Web and ad hoc reports
  • Individual designed reporting
  • Data collecting and visualization
  • On-prem and cloud deployments

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