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Schluss mit Excel-Risiko bei der Konsolidierung

Kostenloses Webinar

IDL Smart Connectivity beschleunigt die Konzernkonsolidierung mit SAP

Kostenloses Webinar

Berichte für die Konzernabschlussprüfung: Dank IDL Software effizient erstellt

Kostenloses Webinar

Software for automated data delivery. ETL, data warehousing, staging and Excel integration. Smart IDL interfaces for SAP and SAP HANA. 

Financial planning, operational planning and plan consolidation with IDL software. Uniform database with comprehensive functional automation.

IDL software for Group consolidation. Efficiency, regularity and traceability. The process is supported and IDW-PS-880 certified.

Management reporting, Group reporting and regulatory reporting. IDL software and business intelligence for all analyses. According to the professional standard or individually.

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Please consider that further information is currently only offered in German. 

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