IDL is a leading vendor and expert for integrated CPM solutions

IDL combines state-of-the-art CPM technology with 25+ years of project experience.

Over 1,100 companies worldwide rely on software and services from IDL for consolidation, planning, reporting and Business Intelligence. The company is based in Schmitten, Germany, within the greater Frankfurt area. Its software development is based in Ahrensburg, outside of Hamburg.

IDL CPM Suite is a modern, cloud-based platform with specialized software modules and apps for building complete solutions or individual applications that drive corporate performance.

Its scope includes consolidated financial statements, annual and quarterly reports, regulatory filings, e-Bilanz submissions, budgeting, forecasting, management reporting, analysis, dashboards, mobile BI as well as financial, operational and strategic planning.  

IDL software has a deep integration in leading technology like the world of Microsoft and works seamlessly with IBM technologies. Connections to various legacy systems and SAP sources are also anchored in the portfolio. Many ERP vendors have even integrated IDL software in their own offerings.  

IDL software and solutions undergo regular checks and certification processes through software vendors, analysts and other experts. Partnerships and certifications guarantee outstanding quality under the highest standards

IDL supports clients through direct offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France as well as a global network of business partners.

Fast facts about IDL

  • Founded in 1990
  • 120 employees
  • Headquarters in Schmitten, Germany (near Frankfurt)
  • 6 offices in Germany  
  • Subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland and France  
  • Qualified partners with proven references
  • Cooperation with leading consultancies and ERP vendors
  • Over 850 satisfied clients of all sizes and industries
  • Serving international midsize companies and large corporations of all industries
  • Targeted offerings for banks and municipalities 
  • SAP-certified interfaces   
  • Certified consolidation solution (IDW PS 880)
  • Partnerships with Microsoft and IBM

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